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Sue provides the information necessary to help clients make their best choices. She provides top-level attention to detail, assistance in visualizing the potential, quick and creative thinking, superior negotiating skills, with a can-do attitude and a good sense of humor, promising absolute loyalty and confidentiality.   

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Sue Huffer is without a doubt the best realtor we’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge of not only the local market but the ins and outs of practical home ownership gave us the peace of mind to make the decision to buy our dream home. She continues to be an invaluable resource to us even post closing and we can’t recommend her highly enough!

- Alex Katunich

"As a first time home buyer, It was great to work with Sue! She made the process easy and explained everything. She was patient and knew more than I expected her to know about homes in general. I would recommend Sue for anyone looking for a home! "

- Allison Faulker

"Sue certainly goes above and beyond through the house buying experience. Being out of town buyers, Sue always went out of her way to look at houses that we were interested in. She would FaceTime us or take a video describing the house and it’s condition in much detail. We were so comfortable with her as our realtor that we put in an offer site unseen. Due to Sue’s familiarity within the Indianapolis area, we also trusted her choosing a location that was right for us. We highly recommend Sue for any home selling or buying experiences."

- Amber Morgan

We sold our previous house and bought our new home in an unprecedented housing market that presented unique challenges. Sue has a plethora of knowledge that made navigating the market and the home-buying process in general very smooth. She was extremely patient and helped us weigh the pros and cons of the 20+ homes we looked at. Cannot recommend her enough!

- Jaclyn Davidson

Sue is a wonderful realtor. She enthusiastically approaches the mission and truly shares in the excitement of her clients’ stories. She loves what she is doing. She knows the business and the terrain and she gets things done expeditiously. What a pleasure it has been to work with Sue.

- Jane Ruemmelle

Sue is the hardest working realtor in town, she has limitless energy. She makes phones calls, get bids, does research and anything else that's needed to get the job done.

- Joanna Couture

Four days before my baby was due, we received a letter in the mail from our rental company that the owner of our house was going to sell at the end of our lease and would not be renewing with us. We lost it. Our baby would be just 6 weeks old when the lease ended which didn't leave us much time at all, not to mention the prospect of moving with a newborn was more than I could bear. We were so convinced that we weren't to have time to buy a home, but with help from our friend and realtor, Sue, we found a beautiful home for our family with time to spare. It was tough and the timing was terrible but we are so thankful. If you're looking to buy and need a down-to-earth and truly genuine realtor that cares about your wants and needs then we can't recommend Sue enough.

- John Nease

Sue is a remarkable agent and was an absolute pleasure to work with during our house search. Her remarkable attention to detail and wealth of knowledge made her the perfect agent for us as first-time home buyers with a lot of questions. We felt that we were always in good hands with her commitment to quality, transparency, and prompt communication. I would highly recommend working with Sue!

- Kelsey Stolz

If you're thinking about having Sue Huffer sell your home or find you a new one, your search has ended. Sue helped me sell my house and found a new place that fit exactly what I needed. Sue knows all the ways to make your current home sellable and attractive. If looking for a new house, your search will be through and professional. She can show you aspects of buying a home you would never consider. Sue fights for every dollar and you can trust her completely. You may even find a new friend in the process. I did.

- Michael Boyd

“Sue is an incredible realtor. She is thoughtful and experienced and anticipates EVERYTHING you need and will get started without even having to ask her. Whether you are new to buying/selling or have gone through the process numerous times before, Sue makes the experience easy. Unlike previous experiences I have had, when I worked with Sue, I always felt like she was focused on what needed to be done and was timely about the numerous tasks. I seriously cannot imagine how I’ll ever buy or sell another home without her support.”

- Valerie Yeager

Working with Sue Huffer was a fantastic experience. We purchased our first home with Sue as our agent. She accommodated our needs from the moment we met her, and it was comforting to know we had someone in our corner looking out for our best interest. As a first-time homebuyer, you're required to place so much trust in the person representing you. We're glad that person for us was Sue.

- Zane Atkinson

We were so lucky to have Sue work with us on the sale of our home! At the front end she asked thoughtful questions which helped us clarify our goals. Our plans changed a bit during the sales process, and she graciously and expertly guided us through what could have been a confusing time. She always had our best interests at heart, and quickly and thoroughly answered our questions. We could not have been more pleased with her work!

- Catherine Little and Dan Reagan

Susan was a huge blessing! She is not only a realtor, but was able to really guide my husband and me in moving towards becoming first-time homeowners and all the kinks and things between the lines we needed to know. She took care of EVERYTHING. She would be in contact with us 24/7, day or night when we would have questions. She would make herself available for whenever we were able to go view houses. She would deal with everything (contact with sellers, inspection companies etc) and answer all of our questions. She really listened to what we were looking for and had so many connections and knowledge of the area that it felt like we had a inner circle. She truly has become a great friend and we cannot express how thankful we were to have found someone so reliable, smart and kind!!

- Catherine Kurian

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